Decentralized power supply with fuel cells and green hydrogen

When it comes to hydrogen, hopes and expectations are very high. It can secure society’s future energy supply, protect the climate and the environment, help overcome the economic consequences of the Corona pandemic, and even provide a unifying global link politically. For this to happen, however, the world must succeed in making its economic generation from renewable energy sources and its use in all consumption sectors possible in an efficient manner.

Next events

31.10. – 05.11.2022

Trip to South Africa

From 31.10.2022-05.11.2022, the HyTrA team will again be on site in South Africa. We meet old acquaintances and expand our network. This time we plan to visit the HySA Institute in Potchefstroom (near Johannesburg), to sign the cooperation agreement on the installation of the microgrid with Alu-Cab in Cape Town and to hold a workshop in which we want to target companies in and around Cape Town that can produce components of the microgrid locally on site.