If you are interested in becoming part of the HyTrA team, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

We are looking for strong partners for the production of individual components of the microgrid, both in Germany and in South Africa. If you have efficient and intelligent products for our microgrid and would like to participate in the production and distribution of the microgrid, please contact us.

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The development of a modern and climate-neutral energy system is a prerequisite for ensuring sustainable development based on renewable energies.

It is important to promote renewable energies, energy efficiency and access to sustainable energy at the same time. On the one hand, this meets the need for more energy and, at the same time, reduces emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases. Energy supply must be needs-based, reliable and sustainable – for households, social institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises. This is the basis for economic development, job creation and future prospects.
This cannot be achieved by one player alone. It requires strong and long-term partnerships. Only together can the technical solutions, as well as their implementation, be guaranteed.

Would you like to become part of HyTrA?
We are looking for partners for:

  • Use of a microgrid in the company for a high quality of power supply
  • Further development of the technology
  • Manufacturing of components for the microgrid
  • Assembly of the microgrid
  • Training of skilled workers for assembly, maintenance and repair of the microgrid
  • Design of overall concepts for a sustainable energy supply with other renewable energies
  • Distribution of the Microgrid
  • Information and education about renewable energies in the population
  • Other interested parties